Ketopure Soap- a medicated antifungal soap.

Ketopure Soap- a medicated antifungal soap.

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Ketopure is a medicated antifungal soap. The composition of the soap helps in eliminating the fungal infections of the skin, also helps restore the skin to its best form. The soap has best results in all the different skin types- dry, oily and sensitive. The composition is an antifungal soap, the use of which helps cure different types of fungal infections, eczema, atopic dermatitis. The regular use of Ketopure inhibits any further fungal infections.

The soap has best results in redness, dryness caused in the skin during winters, itchy skin in summers due to excessive perspiration.

The soap has moisturizing agents as- palm and coconut oil, olive extract, shea butter, kokum butter, glycerine and milk protein. The soap also has aloe vera extract which has a great healing effect; thus, the combination not just help you fight the fungal and yeast infections, but also helps in the proper moisturisation and healing of the affected area. The other competitors just come with the pharmaceutical combination of ketoconazole rest the healing and moisturisation properties are absent.


• Medicated antifungal soap.

• Inhibits any further fungal growth in the skin.

• Soothes the affected areas of the skin.

• Works effectively for all the skin types.

Key Ingredients that make it awesome

Aloe Vera

Heals the irritability & redness of skin

Coconut Oil

Has antimicrobial activity

Shea Butter

Highly moisturising

How To Use

In conditions of fungal infections, apply the soap twice daily for best results or as prescribed by your doctor.

Composition Of

• Ketoconazole
• Palm & Coconut Oil
• Olive Extract
• Aloe vera Extract
• Shea Butter
• Kokum Butter
• Glycerine
• Wheat Protein
• Milk Protein

Key Features