• The best form of rejuvenating strained and stressed muscles

•Beats tiredness


• Dextrose & Sucrose – One serving provides 1/8th of the daily requirement of calories from carbohydrates. Dextrose readily dissolves and emits energy to overcome tiredness.

• Zinc Sulphate – One serving provides half of the daily dietary requirement of Zinc which is a vital element for nucleic acid synthesis, healing of wounds and transfers energy. Zinc increases the desire for food during convalescence.

• Ascorbic Acid – It helps adjust against stresses & strains, augments antibody formation & improves phagocytosis leading to increased resistance to infections.

Key Ingredients that make it awesome


How To Use

One Serving - Mix 2Tbsp full of Tensta-Z in normal/cold water

Composition Of

Nutritional Value (Per 35g)
• Dextrose 17.5g
• Sucrose 14g
• Zinc Sulphate 32.5mg
• Ascorbic Acid 50mg

Key Features